5 Tips for What to Wear at a Boudoir Session That Look Incredible on Every Body

If you’re like most of my clients, the first thing they think about is what to wear to their boudoir session. I get this question all the time!! But I am here to help you to narrow down your options and help you find something to wear that you love, feel beautiful and sexy in! 

I recommend having 3 to 4 looks at your session. And I recommend mixing up your looks either with different styles or different colors so that you have a variety of looks in your gallery. What should you wear?? Let’s dive into the options we recommend!

1. The Bodysuit

The bodysuit without a doubt is my number one recommendation for what to wear. Bodysuits come in a million different colors, shapes and styles. Some bodysuits can give a more romantic feel whereas some give more sexy vibes. You can find bodysuits with lace, straps, cutouts, deep Vs, underwire, open backs, conservative or barely there. There are so many different options with a bodysuit, making it our top option of what to wear. 

Colleen Michelle Boudoir best San Francisco Bay Area photographer what to wear to your session bodysuit colorful elegant classic sexy different styles

Not only are the options endless with bodysuits, but they literally look good on every body. In our Boudoir Prep guide, which every client gets when they book, we go into this in great detail. We specifically talk about different body concerns, because let’s face it we are all concerned about something on our body but it’s usually different for every woman.  

Here are just a couple concerns we hear and why a bodysuit is the answer.  If one of your concerns about your body is a smaller chest, look for a bodysuit that does not have an underwire, that has just sheer fabric, such as lace over the chest. If you have underwire/cups that are not filled completely, that will draw more attention to your top. Instead the sheer material that lays right on your chest will complement your natural curves. If you are concerned about your stomach area, look for a bodysuit that has a consistent pattern over your tummy; it could be lace or some other print. It will draw less attention if it’s a consistent pattern in that area (i.e. without cutouts, details in that area). But truly, no matter what you are worried about, it’s my job to pose you in ways that will accentuate the curves you want to show off. Trust me, when I tell you that I’ve got this. 

If you want more details and examples on the bodysuit, head to The Bodysuit: #1 Recommended Look to Wear at Your Boudoir Session.

2. Two Piece Set

We love a good two piece set!! The two piece set can usually show a bit more skin and definitely shows off a lot of curves! Which is what we’re here to do!!  You can also add a garter set with the piece that goes around the midsection. We love these three piece sets equally as much! 

Colleen Michelle Boudoir best San Francisco Bay Area photographer what to wear to your session two piece lingerie colorful elegant classic sexy

The two piece set is great if you want to either show off your stomach or if you want to honor your body and fall in love with this area. I hear such different stories about the stomach area for women. I hear women who have been working hard on their bodies, working out, lifting and putting so much time and effort into gaining muscle and feeling their best. They want to show off all that hard work and what they accomplished!! They are so proud of each popping muscle and we will show off their strength!! 

I also hear stories of women who have struggled with their tummy area for quite some time. It could be from birthing children or for various other reasons. It often seems like a mental battle they are having with themselves. Many women are so proud that they have brought beautiful children into the world that they love deeply, and yet have the scars to prove it. Those scars do not usually get the same love and admiration that their children do. The evidence of those babies is left on their body and it’s a reminder of what their body had gone through, the strength of growing another human, the resilience of women, and the incredible journey they have been on. I am so honored when women choose to wear a two piece lingerie set. They feel so vulnerable and yet brave all at the same time. When client’s look at their images and they see a beautiful woman, a woman with a story and they love all their parts, it’s the most incredible thing! I have often cried with clients over their journey and how they were able to finally see their own beauty. 

3. Add a Pop of Color

I think we would all agree that black lingerie is always sexy. No matter what the print or fabric is, there are a million options of black lingerie. I highly recommend wearing black at your boudoir session. It’s a timeless, super sexy look that looks great on every skin tone. You can’t go wrong with black!! But oftentimes women don’t experiment with other colors, they just stick to black all the time for every look. This is your push to try something a little different than the black lingerie you love!

Colleen Michelle Boudoir best San Francisco Bay Area photographer what to wear to your session bodysuit add pops of color jewel tones elegant classic sexy

You might be thinking, well if you’re going to ask me to add color, I’ll try red. Because black and red are usually sold to us as the sexy colors for lingerie, which I love red. But there are literally so many color choices to select from!! 

When adding color to your lingerie looks, you really want to think about your skin tone and what looks best on you. I find that jewel tones tend to look wonderful on most skin types. We love dark jewel tones such as dark red, emerald green, teal, blues, and purples. If you love bright colors we can definitely incorporate those colors as well. You read more about adding Pops of Color to Your Lingerie Looks here.

4. Nothing At All

One of the most popular looks at Colleen Michelle Studios is nothing but skin in the sheets. Almost all of our clients opt to include the In the Sheets bonus set at their session. And often times, these become their favorite images. There is nothing more classic that skin in the sheets. It gives such a sexy, timeless, classic vibe. In the Sheets can be customized depending on each client’s style on whether they would like to bare it all or keep some things covered, it’s completely up to each client!

We also have a variety of sheets to choose from. The classic white gives that timeless look. We also have satin sheets in a ton of colors!! Changing up the color of the sheets can have a huge impact on the overall vibe of the session. We have satin sheets in a ton of colors including: hunter green, teal, dark grey, champagne, blush. The satin sheets bring an ultra sexy vibe to your boudoir session. You can see more examples and info on all the options for sheets here.

Colleen Michelle Boudoir best San Francisco Bay Area photographer what to wear to your session nothing but skin in sheets classic timeless sexy

5. Use the Client Closet

We know that finding the perfect look for your boudoir session can take time, patience and effort. And sometimes not everyone wants to do that!! Or sometimes we have clients who have been shopping and didn’t find something that they really loved. Thus, we added the Client Closet. We have hundreds of pieces in all different sizes ranging from Xsmall to 4XL, all different colors, shapes and styles. We have so much lingerie, we’ve basically filled an entire 

closet! Seriously!! You can browse all of the items in the Client Closet on our Instagram @ colleenmichellestudios. We have tons of looks in multiple sizes and we’re constantly adding to the closet.

Colleen Michelle Boudoir best San Francisco Bay Area photographer what to wear to your session bodysuit colorful elegant classic sexy

We buy lingerie from all over. We have pieces from all over Honey Birdette, Gooseberry Intimates, Lounge Underwear, Victoria’s Secret, Yandy, Fashion Nova, Shein, and Amazon, just to name a few. I have a really good eye for what will look good in photographs and the Client Closet is full of pieces that Client’s love. 

I’m really good at pulling lingerie looks that my clients love. Prior to your session, I have all my clients complete a questionnaire about their session including a bunch of questions about the lingerie you’re drawn to, the colors, the type of feel you’re going for (sexy, romantic, athletic, etc). These answers help me to pull lingerie that fits what you are looking for in your size. Clients often bring their own lingerie with hopes of also finding something great in the Client Closet. I can not tell you the number of times a client has ditched what they brought and wore items from the Client Closet instead.  On the day of your session, I will have pulled some looks for you to try. We have time for you to try some things on and decide on your final looks. This is so helpful if you were hoping to use some pieces from the Client Closet. 

Colleen Michelle Boudoir best San Francisco Bay Area photographer what to wear to your session bodysuit add pops use client closet for lingerie tons looks different sizes styles

However you want to use the Client Closet you can. It is there to help you so please take advantage of it!! Some clients will use the Client Closet for all of their looks, some will use only a few pieces and some will use none. It’s completely up to you!! You can read more about the Client Closet here

Where to Shop

Many clients use their session as motivation to do some shopping for themselves. There are so many places that I love to shop for lingerie!! Some of our luxury brands include Honey Birdette, Gooseberry Intimates, God Save Queens, Blue Bella, Thistle & Spire. Other brands include Lounge, Victoria’s Secret, Tutti Rouge, Torrid, Hips & Curves. And you can find all sorts of looks at places like Fashion Nova, Shein, and Yandy. And here is the Colleen Michelle Amazon wishlist full of ideas for lingerie.

My only advice when buying lingerie online is to watch the return policy. Some places do not let you return anything, which is a bummer if you buy a bunch of stuff in all different sizes and different items, hoping some things will work.  This is one of the reasons why I love Lounge and Amazon. 

Lastly, try not to overthink what you’re wearing. I know, I just wrote this entire post about what to wear. But honestly, you can show up to your session with nothing, let me pull things from the Client Closet and we’ll have the best session!! Don’t let what to wear stop you from doing this for yourself. 

Are you ready to do this?? Let’s connect!!

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