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We are so excited to be working with your for your Boudoir Session!! It’s going to be such an amazing experience! Now what?? Follow this timeline as we countdown to your boudoir session.

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Prepare For Your Session

One thing you can count on after you’ve booked your boudoir session is that I will be sending you tons of info! I have a tendency to over communicate, so you’ll be getting plenty of info including our all inclusive Boudoir Prep Guide!

One of the most common questions after a client books their session is “what do I wear?” Trust me, I’ve got you covered!! Out of all the things you could possibly wear, we’re dropping our Top 5 Tips on What to Wear at Your Boudoir Session That Look Good on EVERY Body!! We’ve also included our top places to shop and our Amazon List. You can have some serious fun shopping or leave it up to us to dress you from the Client Closet. Whatever works for you is great!!

We are also including a countdown to best prepare for your session, which we are sharing with you today!

Four Months Before Session

You’ve booked your session and now the planning begins! The countdown to your session is happening! Get excited! After going over the Boudoir Prep Guide and Lingerie Guide, start shopping! I recommend doing this a few months in advance to give you time to shop online and try everything on. Only bring pieces that you love to your session!

Start with daily affirmations, if you don’t already! It’s such a good habit to be in. Daily lift yourself up, think positively about your body and all that it has done for you. Check yourself out, if you don’t already! Look at yourself in the mirror and see your beauty.

If you were planning on trying any new skin products, this is the time to do it. You have enough time to see how your skin reacts before your session (don’t try anything new within two weeks of your session!)

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One Month Before Session

Try on all your lingerie looks and make sure you love everything. You should plan on 4 looks at your boudoir session (do note that in the sheets/implied nudes does count as a look).

If you color your hair or want it done prior to your session, now is the time. Ideally have your hair done 7-10 days prior to your session. Also schedule any waxing appointments if you’re planning on having it done.

Start drinking tons of water. Hydrating the month (or more) before your session helps your skin look healthy and gives you a glow. Drinking lots of water can also make you feel good, so drink up!

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One Week Before Session

Have all of your lingerie looks selected. Make sure everything is ironed/steamed and camera ready. Hang lingerie on hangers and have everything ready to go including any accessories you want to wear at your session.

If you are having any waxing done, the ideal time is 2-3 days prior to your session.

Schedule a manicure and pedicure for yourself. I usually suggest lighter, neutral colored nails, but if you’re style is darker, go for that! Don’t you dare come in with chipped nail polish!

Stay hydrated!! Try to drink at least 150 oz of water a day.

Get plenty of sleep the week or at least the night before your session. There is no amount of photoshop that can fix tired. Get your beauty sleep!

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Day of Session

It’s here! It’s your day, your time to shine. No more counting down the days to your session. Enjoy your day to the fullest because you are going to slay your session!

Make sure to eat breakfast. You will be surprised how much energy it takes to pose during your session. You’ll need energy to start your day!

Stretch the morning of your session. Stretch like you’re going to do some yoga. Many of the poses you will be arching your back and holding that so I can get the shot. Clients are always surprised that their session feels like a work out! You can do some yoga stretches like cat, cow, child’s pose, etc. Even stretch your ankles and feet because you will be pointing those toes and elongating your legs.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the studio the morning of your shoot. Nothing stresses out people more than when they’re running late. So give yourself some time, stop and get your favorite coffee and start your day off right.

Breath. Most clients are super nervous the day of their session. The nerves start rising and adrenaline starts pumping. Trust me, you’re going to be amazing. All you have to do is show up and I’ve got the rest!

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The countdown to your session is just a taste of the info I send my clients to help them prepare for their session. Are you interested in booking a session or finding out more info? Click the button below to schedule your free consult!

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